2016- European Year for the end of violence against Women in Europe

The 30th issue- of our electronic review- les rives de l'iriv- to be published in June 2016- is dedicated to the surprise.

If you wish to contribute: www.benevolat.net.

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Club of the iriv at the Cité des Métiers (since 2012)

Our Institute is partner of the Cité des Métiers in Paris since 2012. It offers each month a club to Value the migratory competences of migrants in the labour market. For further information: http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/

Our next club will be held on the 17th of February 2016

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Action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" in Massy (2013-2015)

The action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" began in Essonne in 2013 in the framework of a European project- Success at school through Volunteering. The SAS project is going on in 2016 thanks to the partnerships of the Collège Blaise Pascal together with the cultural centre Salle Paul Bailliart (Paul B) in Massy- http://sas-essonne.blogspot.fr/

Two sessions were held at Paul B the 13th of January and the 3rd of February 2016 with 21 and 23 students and the two tutors (former participants in 2015).

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European conference and interventions in 2016

The iriv offers training, organises conference and attends European seminars.

Our next European seminar will be held in Finland at the University of Jyvaskyla from the 16th to the 20th of May 2016 in the framework of the European project Key Tutors.

Several sessions are offered to teachers/trainers of French as a Foreign Language at the Cité des Métiers in January and February 2016 in the framework of the project Vintage.

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Key Tutors- training tutors to key competences

The Key Tutors proje (2015-2017) is an Erasmus + project selected at the call for proposal 2015. It offers both a pedagogical tool & training for tutors in the field of Key competences. Initiated by the Fédération Familles rurales PAys de Loire together with iriv conseil, it gathers 5 countries: France, Spain, Finland, Lithuania and POland.

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Vintage- VET integrated language learning (2014 - 2016)

The iriv is the French partner of the Vintage project (2014-2016), a Key Activity 2 project (Lifelong Learning programme) offering a strategy to enhance VET integrated language learning. Initiated by the Foundation ECAP (Switzerland, leader), this project gathers six European countries in Germany (Arbeit und leben Hamburg e.V), in France (iriv conseil), in Italy (Universita per Stranieri di Perugia & Centro territoriale permanente di Gallarate), in Greece (Militos Emerging Technologies & Services) and in Norway (European Center for Women and Technology).

For further information on the project : http://www.vintage-language.fr  & http://www.vintage-language.eu

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Di&Di- Enhancing Diversity and Struggling against Discrimination on the labour market (2013-2015)

Together with Enda Europe, iriv conseil initiated the Di&Di project- Enhancing Diversity and struggling against Discrimination in 5 European countries: France (leader), Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Switzerland. The Di&Di  project is a Leonardo da Vinci project aiming at designing a tool and strategy to enhance diversity in the labour market by identifying situations of discriminations. It addresses two specific target groups: qualified youngsters and low qualified women, both sharing a migratory background (training). Professionals in charge of integration and/or diversity and working with migrants (mentoring).

For further information on the project: the French weblog:  http://www.di-di.fr/ and  http://www.iriv.net/

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