2015- European Year for Developement - Je suis Charlie

2015 is the European Year for Development.

The 28th issue of our newsletter the rives de l'iriv, is dedicated to the balance between freedom of opinion, expression and information and  the respect of freedom of religion which are the touchstones of a democracy. The next issue is dedicated to the return. If you wish to submit us an article: please click here.

For further information on our publications :  portal for iriv's publications.

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Club of the iriv at the Cité des Métiers (2012-2015)

Our Institute is partner of the Cité des Métiers in Paris. It offers each month a club to Value the migratory competences of migrants in the labour market

The next club of the iriv is held on Wednesday 18th of November 2015, at the Cité des Métiers, room 89, from 14h to 16h30. It is dedicated to the Vintage project. Save the date !

For further information on the club: http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/ and  on the training programme of the iriv

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Action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" in Massy (2013-2015)

The action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" begun in Essonne in 2013 in the framework of the European project, a Comenius, Success at school . The SAS roject  is going on in 2016 thanks to the partenership of the Collège Blaise Pascal together with the Salle Paul B. in Massy . A meeting of information among students is offered on the 12th of November 2015 at the College Blaise Pascal to launch the Promotion 2016. Three tutors, students of the Promotion 2015, are associated to the Promotion 2016.

For further information on the action : http://www.successatschool.eu and on the EU project: http://www.successatschool.eu

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European conference and interventions in 2015

The iriv has organised a European Conference in the framework of the Vintage project - Combining professional learning to linguistic learning in Vocational Education & Training. It will be held at the City hall of the XIVth district in Paris on Friday, 9th of October 2015. It has gathered more than 60 participants. The proceedings of the conference will be published in late November 2015.

Together with the CRPVE, the iriv offers a cycle of training for associations in Autumn 2015 in Essonne. 

For further information on  the interventions of iriv in 2015: http://www.iriv.net/interventions

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Key Tutors- training tutors to key competences

Social economy gathers diverse profiles of professionals working in associations, foundations, mutual insurance companies and cooperatives.  As far as associations are concerned, 2 million professionals work with 16 million volunteers in France in 2015. Their professional career usually combines voluntary and paid work. More than 40% are qualified workers (at least BAC +2 according to a study published in 2015) but other professionals may have passed professional diploma or qualification (such as the BAFA or BAFD). Professionals are mainly social workers but also social pedagogues (in the sense of Social pedagogy,). Whatever their educative and/or professional background, they are not trained to support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities – a relevant social and educative support is needed. The Key Tutors offers both pedagogical tools & training for tutors in the field of Key competences.

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Vintage- VET integrated language learning (2014 - 2016)

The iriv is the French partner of the Vintage project, a Key Activity 2 project (Lifelong Learning programme) offering a strategy to enhance VET integrated language learning. Initiated by the Foundation ECAP (Switzerland, leader), this project gathers six European countries in Germany (Arbeit und leben Hamburg e.V), in France (iriv conseil), in Italy (Universita per Stranieri di Perugia & Centro territoriale permanente di Gallarate), in Greece (Militos Emerging Technologies & Services) and in Norway (European Center for Women and Technology).

For further information on the project : http://www.vintage-language.fr  & http://www.vintage-language.eu

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Di&Di- Enhancing Diversity and Struggling against Discrimination on the labour market (2013-2015)

Together with Enda Europe, iriv initiated the Di&Di project- Enhancing Diversity and struggling against Discrimination in 5 European countries: France (leader), Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Switzerland. Transfer of innovation of the Diversité + project directed by Enda Europe (2007-2012) and former projects Migrapass (2010-2012) and Mediateur Interculturel (2009) initiated by iriv,  the Di&Di  project is a Leonardo da Vinci project aiming at designing a tool and strategy to enhance diversity in the labour market by identifying situations of discriminations. It addresses two specific target groups: qualified youngsters and low qualified women, both sharing a migratory background. Professionals in charge of integration and/or diversity and working with migrants are involved in both the training and mentoring.

For further information on the project: the French weblog:  http://www.di-di.fr/ and  http://www.iriv.net/

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