2015- European Year for Developement - Je suis Charlie

iriv's team wishes you a very happy New Year, European Year for Development.

We dedicate the 28th issue of our newsletter  the rives de l'iriv, to the 17 victims of the terror attack against the satirical Journal Charlie Hebdo, the Police and the Jewish community, murdered in Paris, the 7th, 8th and 9th of January 2015. The freedom of opinion, expression and information together with the freedom of religion are the touchstones of Democracy.

For further information on our publications :  portal for iriv's publications.

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Club iriv at the Cité des Métiers (2012-2015)

The iriv, partner of the Cité des Métiers  offers each month a club to value the migratory competences of migrants .

Next clubs : 15th of April (dedicated to the Vintage), 20th of May, and 17th of June 2015. Save the dates !

For further information on the club: http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/ and  on the training programme of the iriv

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Action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" in Massy (2013-2015)

The action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" started in Essonne in 2013 in the framework of the European project SAS could go on in Massy thanks to the partnership of the College Blaise Pascal and the City Hall of Massy. The iriv offers pedagogical sessions to youngsters of the College Blaise Pascal to initiate them to volunteering.

For further information on the action : http://www.successatschool.eu and on the EU project: http://www.successatschool.eu

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European conference and interventions in 2015

The iriv organises two European events in 2015: "Promoting diversity and struggling against discrimination on the labour market", in October 2015 and  "Combining professional learning to linguistic learning in Vocational Education & Training", in October 2015.

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Di&Di- Enhancing Diversity and Struggling against Discrimination on the labour market (2013-2015)

Together with Enda Europe, iriv initiated the Di & Di project in 5 European countries: France (leader), Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Switzerland. Transfer of innovation of the Diversité + project directed by Enda Europe (2007-2012) and former projects Migrapass (2010-2012) and mediateur Interculturel (2009) initiated by iriv,  the Di&Di  project is a Leonardo da Vinci project aiming at designing a tool and strategy for two specific target groups: qualified youngsters and low qualified women, both shraing a migratory background. Professionals in charge of integration will be involved in both the training and mentoring.

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Vintage- VET integrated language learning (2014 - 2016)

The iriv is the French partner of the Vintage project, a Key Activity 2 project (Lifelong Learning programme) that offers a strategy to enhance VET integrated language learning. Initiated by the Foundation ECAP (Switzerland, leader), this project gathers six European countries in Germany (Arbeit und leben Hamburg e.V), in France (iriv), in Italy (Universita per Stranieri di Perugia & Centro territoriale permanente di Gallarate), in Greece (Militos Emerging Technologies & Services) and in Norway (European Center for Women and Technology).

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