2016- European Year for the end of violence against Women in Europe

The 30th issue of our electronic review- les rives de l'iriv-  published in June 2016- is dedicated to the surprise.

It is available on  www.benevolat.net.

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Club of the iriv at the Cité des Métiers (since 2012)

Our Institute is partner of the Cité des Métiers in Paris since 2012. It offers a monthly club  Value the migratory competences of migrants in the labour market. For further information: http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/

Our next club is dedicated to the Key Tutors project and will be held on Wednesday, 13th of July 2016

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Action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" in Massy (2013-2015)

The action "Success at school thanks to Volunteering" is going on in 2016 thanks to the partnership of the Collège Blaise Pascal together with the cultural centre Paul B in Massy- http://sas-essonne.blogspot.fr/

Last session was held on Friday, 17th of June 2016. Five sessions were held at Paul B in 2016: the 13th of January,  the 3rd of February , the 16th of March, the 6th of April and the 25th of May 2016 with 22 students and 2 tutors who were former participants in 2015.

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Conferences, lectures and seminars in 2016

The iriv offers training, organises conference and attends European seminars

For further information on the interventions of iriv in 2016: http://www.iriv.net/interventions & on the training programme of iriv in 2016: http://www.iriv.net/formations.

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Key Tutors- training tutors to key competences

The Key Tutors project (2015-2017) is an Erasmus + project selected at the call for proposal 2015. It offers both a pedagogical tool & training for tutors in the field of Key competences. Initiated by the Fédération Familles rurales Pays de Loire together with iriv conseil, it gathers 5 countries: France, Spain, Finland, Lithuania and Poland.

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Vintage- VET integrated language learning (2014 - 2016)

The iriv is the French partner of the Vintage project (2014-2016), a Key Activity 2 project (Lifelong Learning programme) offering a strategy to enhance VET integrated language learning. Initiated by the Foundation ECAP (Switzerland, leader), this project gathers six European countries :Germany (Arbeit und leben Hamburg e.V), France (iriv conseil),  Italy (Universita per Stranieri di Perugia & CPIA di Gallarate), Greece (Militos Emerging Technologies & Services) and  Norway (European Center for Women and Technology-ECWT).

For further information on the project : http://www.vintage-language.fr  & http://www.vintage-language.eu

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