2017- 60th birthday of the Treaty of Rome (1957-2017) & 20th of iriv (1997-2017)

iriv's team wishes you a  Happy New Year 2017.

The 32nd issue of our electronic review- les rives de l'iriv-  is dedicated to Tomorrw (Demain). It will be published on the 27th of May 2017- 20th birthday of the iriv.

We will publish a new issue of our newsletter dedicated to migration - from Paris to Berlin to other worlds- to compare the differences between the German and the French support provided to migrants in Paris and Berlin.

 For further information on our publications :  http://www.iriv-publications.net

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Actions of iriv - Club of iriv at the Cité des Métiers & Volunteering among youngsters

The iriv is partner of the Cité des Métiers in Paris since 2012. It offers a monthly club  Value the migratory competences of migrants in the labour market. For further information: http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/

The 4th promotion of the action (2017) Volunteering to enhance success at school  is implemented together with the College Blaise Pascal and the Opera of Massy which will welcome the students.  For further information on the action : http://sas-essonne.blogspot.fr/

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Lectures, conferences, seminars & training of iriv in 2017

  • The iriv & its president attend conferences, hold European seminars and offer trainings.

For further information on the presentations & communications made by iriv & iriv conseil :http://www.iriv.net/interventions

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Schola- a mentoring for educators to value a Volunteering (2016- 2018)

Initiated by the Collège Blaise Pascal (Massy, Essonne) together with iriv conseil, the project Schola - an Erasmus + project selected in 2016- gathers a European team in France (leader), Belgium (Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Anvers), Italy (Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Pérouse), Slovenia (ZRC-SAZU), and Poland (University of Jagiellonski, Cracow). The Schola project aims at offering new approaches to strengthen the education and training paths of prospective and practicing educators/youth workers ; equipping them with all competences and skills needed to deliver high quality services and address increasingly diverse needs e.g those posed by multicultural societies. It is an innovative project aiming to reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities.

For further information on the project: www.iriv-vaeb.net.

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JuCiVol- JUnior Citizens for Volunteering (2016-2018)

Initiated by the University of Burgos (Spain) together with iriv conseil (France), the JUCIVOL project is an Erasmus + - Key Action 3 - Initiatives for policy innovation - Social inclusion through education, training and youth (2016-2018). It gathers a European team in Spain (leader), France, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia. The JuCiVol is targeted professionals- mainly teachers and educators- working with young European Union citizens who are of migrant background and/or live in depressed neighborhoods.  We will count with the support of in civil society organizations, neighborhood and school councils in order to know what are the issues that are more important to these youngsters and, more fundamentally, in order to reach them. Teachers and educators focus on the positive outcomes of volunteering and participation in associations of the civil society with a focus on awareness-raising and information about European citizenship, the right attached to it and the identification of obstacles to their effective exercise.

For further information: www.ubu.es

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REVaLUE- Refugees Empowerment through VET in an inClusive Europe (2016-2019)

Initiated by the Italian VET organisation ERIFO, the REVaLUE is an Erasmus + rpoejct (2016-2019) gathering a European team from Italy (leader & martner), France, Germany, Hungary, and United Kingdom. The goal of the project  is to enhance the labor inclusion of refugees, subsidiary protection holders and asylum seekers by improving their access to skilled jobs. The corrective action of REVaLUE is to tackle major the causes that prevent refugees’ labour from integration :lack of recognition of knowledge, competence and skills, including previous studies; deskilling; lack of working experience in the host country; language.

For further information: www.erifo.it

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ESPaR- a passport for skills for refugees (2016-2017)

The University catholic of the Santo Cuore in Milan is leader of a project supported by the European Fund for Integration (FAMI) gathering several Italian associations and European experts coming from France (iriv), Germany and Spain. The project should design a passport of competences to support social and economic integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

For further information: http://www.unicatt.it

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MigrAID- Educating Social Partners Towards Ethnic Diversity in SMEs (2016-2019)

Initiated by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEK-PEO)- a trade union initiative of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO), the MigrAID project is an Eramsus + project which gathers a partnership of research and academic institutions, migrant organisations , social partners and VET centres - INEK-PEO (Cyprus), Milan University (Italy), KISA (Cyprus), IRIV conseil (France), INEK-GSEE (Greece), IME/GSEBEE (Cyprus),  ENAIP (Italy) and VIFIN (Denmark) with long experience in national and community action, research activities, tripartite social dialogue and policy interventions.

For further information: www.inek.org.cy

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Key Tutors- training tutors to key competences (2015-2017)

The Key Tutors project (2015-2017) is an Erasmus + project selected at the call for proposal 2015. It offers both a pedagogical tool & training for tutors in the field of Key competences. Initiated by the Fédération Familles rurales Pays de Loire together with iriv conseil, it gathers 5 countries: France, Spain, Finland, Lithuania and Poland.

For further information on the project: http://www.iriv-vaeb.net/ and http://www.keytutors.eu/

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