2019- European Year : Elections at the European Parliament

The last  issue of our newsletter on Diversity was published in November 2019 and was dedicated to cultural and religious diversity in Switzerland and France with a Republican combination of secularism and respect of all religions. It is availbale on www.club-iriv.net.

The last issue of our electronic review les rives de l'iriv was dedicated to source and was published the 5th of December 2019, available on  www.benevolat.net.

For further information on our publications :  www.iriv-publications.net

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Actions of iriv - Club of iriv at the Cité des Métiers & Volunteering for youngsters

In 2019, iriv's team has implemented its actions on the ground among migrants at the Cité des Métiers of Paris (since 2012) and among youngsters in Massy (since 2013).

For further information on iriv's actions : http://www.club-iriv.net

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Lectures & presentations by iriv in 2019

The iriv & its president hold a monthly club at the Cité des Métiers, workshops among youngsters in Massy and attend conferences, deliver lectures, participate to European seminars or trainings.

Together with the association Esperem, the iriv is offering a seminar on Family learning, success at school mediation and the competence approach in the framework of the MiFamily project, on Thursday, 26th of September 2019 (9h-17h) at Esperem  134 avenue du Général Leclerc 75014 Paris (Porte d'Orléans). More information on https://projet-mifamily.blogspot.com/

For the GRIT project, the iriv is organising a European meeting on the 14th & 15th of November 2019, to be held at the Maison des associations du 14ème arrondissement and at the Opera de Massy.

For further information on the presentations & communications made by iriv & iriv conseil : http://www.iriv.net/interventions

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Projects for Youngsters- Schola (2016- 2018) & EducOpera (2016-2018) & MiFamily (2017-2019)

iriv conseil is involved in three projects for youngsters. The first-EducOpera an Erasmus + (KA2)   is a project gathering France (Opera de Massy, leader and iriv conseil, initiator), Denmark, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. The second MiFamily is also an Erasmus + project gathering England (leader), France, Ireland, Romania and Spain. The third  GRIT is as well an Erasmus + project gathering University Karel de grote (KdG) in 5 countires (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, POland and Portugal)

Two other projects for youngsters finished end of 2018. The first-SCHOLA  Erasmus + (KA2) project gathers a European team in France (Collège Blaise Pascal, leader & iriv conseil, initiator), Belgium (Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Anvers), Italy (Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Pérouse), Slovenia (ZRC-SAZU, Ljubljana),and Poland (University of Jagiellonski, Kracow). The second - JUCIVOL- Erasmus + (KA2) together with the University of Burgos (Spain) is an Erasmus + - Key Action 3 - Initiatives for policy innovation - Social inclusion through education, training and youth (2016-2018). It gathers a European team in Spain (leader), France, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia.

For further information on theEducOpera: http://www.educopera.eu/ and the project MiFamily: https://projet-mifamily.blogspot.com/ ; the two other projects- project SCHOLA:  www.schola-erasmus.eu  and JUCIVOL: https://www.jucivol.fr/

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Projects on migration- REVaLUE (2016-2019), MigrAID (2016-2019) & Espor (2018-2020)

iriv conseil is associated to several projects dedicated to migration since 2016: REVALue & Espar (Italy) and MIGRAID (Cyprus). The first- REVALUE, initiated by  ERIFO (Italy) is an Erasmus + project (2016-2019) gathering a European team from Italy (leader & partner), France iriv), Germany (GSUB), Hungary (Jovokerek), and United Kingdom (Rinova & Ashley).  The second- MigrAID, initiated by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEK-PEO) is an Erasmus + project which gathers INEK-PEO (Cyprus), Milan University (Italy), KISA (Cyprus), IRIV conseil (France), INEK-GSEE (Greece), IME/GSEBEE (Cyprus), ENAIP (Italy) and VIFIN (Denmark). The third project- ESPar, initiated by the  Catholic University in Milano (Itraly) is supported by the European Fund for Integration (FAMI)- it gathers several Italian associations and European experts coming from France (iriv), Germany (Tür an Tür), UK (University of Birmingham) and Spain (National Commission for Refugees).
For further information:  revalueproject.wixsite.com/http://migraid.eu/ & https://www.espar.it/

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VOCAE (2017-2019)

The VOCAE project (2017-2019) is an Erasmus + project selected at the call for proposal 2017. It offers an exchange of expertise on Valuing Prior Learning (VPL) in 6 countries : DIE Germany (leader),  WBA Austria, France, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece,  Ec-vpl & Erik Kaemingk ( Netherlands) and Citeforma Portugal.

For further information on the project:https://www.die-bonn.de/

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