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Estonia - Année européenne du bénévolat 2011

In Estonia, the concept of volunteerism has only been developed so far by organizations that carry out voluntary actions. Within these organizations, a volunteer is considered to be an individual who provides services to or for the benefit of another person, by free choice and without compensation. At the moment, there is neither general regulations nor a special law regulating volunteerism or a legal status of volunteers in Estonia.

Learn more, see the report of the European Commission about volunteering in Estonia

Eesti Mittetulundusühingute ja Sihtasutuste Liit EMSLi

Founded in 1991, the Estonian Network of non profit organisations gathers 90 members. The Network works to develop the activities of Estonian organisations and to promote relationship between these organisations and public institutions. EMSLi's website provides a lot of information on volunteering and on non profit organisation's activities. Its aims are:

EMSLi collaborates with the European Foundation Center's Orpheus and with Civicus.

Eesti Mittetulundusühingute ja Sihtasutuste Liit EMSLi
Endla 4, 6th floor
Tel.: +372 (0) 626 3309
Fax: +372 (0) 626 3310
E-mail: info@ngo.ee
Web site: http://www.ngo.ee

Wiedemanni 3
Tallinn 10126
Tel.: +372 6013309, 6013098
Fax: +372 6013309
E-mail: estyes@estyes.ee
Web site: http://www.estyes.ee

Sihtasutus Eesti Õiguskeskus
E-mail: foorum@lc.ee
Web site: http://www.lc.ee

Other organisations

Tartu Vabatahtlike Keskus
(Centre des volontaires de Tartu)
Rüütli 4,
51007 Tartu
Tel.: +372 742 0341
Web site: http://www.aeci.es

E-mail: info@vabatahtlikud.ee
Web site: http://www.vabatahtlikud.ee

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