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Finland - Année européenne du bénévolat 2011

There is no legal definition of volunteering and a range of different definitions are being used. The key words uniting most definitions are: unpaid activity, for the benefit of others and action undertaken out of free will.

Learn more, see the report of the European Commission about volunteering in Finland


The Service Centre for Development Cooperation - known by its Finnish acronym KEPA - is an umbrella organisation of Finnish NGOs active in development work and concerned by global issues. Founded in 1985, KEPA has now over 200 member organisations. They include trade unions, aid organisations, youth and women's movements, fair trade, peace and social sector organisations, solidarity movements, religious organisations, environmental groups and friendship societies. KEPA's activities are supported by public funding from the NGO budget of the Foreign Ministry's Department for International Development Cooperation. KEPA's task is to encourage, support and organise Finnish civil society.

Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A
00500 Helsinki
Tel. : +358 9 584 233
Fax: +358 9 5842 3200
E-mail: info@kepa.fi
Web site: http://www.kepa.fi

Maailmanvaihto ICYE
Pitkänsillanranta 11
00530 Helsinki
Tel.: +358 9 7741101
Fax: +358 9 73104146
E-mail: maailmanvaihto@maailmanvaihto.fi
Web site: http://www.kaapeli.fi

Other organisations

Allianssin nuorisovaihto Olympiastadion
Tel.: +358 (09) 348 24 309
Fax: +358 (09) 491 290
E-mail: vaihto@alli.fi
Web site: http://www.nuorisovaihto.fi

Finland Citizen Forum
Sörnäisten Rantatie 27 A, 2nd floor
00500 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 7744080
Fax: +358 9 77440828
E-mail: kansalaisareena@kansalaisareena.fi
Web site: http://www.kansalaisareena.fi

Finnish Federation for Social Welfare
Kotkankatu 9
FIN-00510 Helsinki
Tel.: +358 9 774721
Fax: +358 0 738123
E-mail: sosiaaliturvankl@stkl.fi
Web site: http://www.stkl.fi

Service Civil International (Finland)
E-mail : ulrich.jeltsch@surfeu.fi
Web site: http://www.kvtfinland.org

Web site: http://www.kaapeli.fi/~tinku

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