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Hungary - Année européenne du bénévolat 2011

During communism, volunteering in Hungary was obligatory; e.g. youth associations were often sent out to do "voluntary" work. This was not necessarily viewed in a negative way per se, however the term "volunteering" in Hungarian still bears connotations of "working for free" which affects the occurrence of volunteering and how it is perceived. After the transition in the beginning of the 1990s, people became more concerned with earning money to survive, and chose to invest their time in paid work instead of volunteering. The Hungarian volunteer law of 2005 on voluntary activities in the public interest, defines "volunteer activities with a public aim" as work carried out within a host organisation without compensation. In article 4, the law also specifies that any person with legal capacity above the age of ten can become a volunteer.

Learn more, see the report of the European Commission about volunteering in Hungary

ÖKA - Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány
(The Volunteer Centre)

The mission of The Volunteer Centre is to promote and spread the idea of voluntarism by serving as an information and resource centre in Hungary. It seeks to connect individuals with NGOs and thus strengthen solidarity in the Hungarian society. The Volunteer Centre offers its services to different actors of the society (individuals, NGOs, government, local authorities, institutions and companies). The services of the Centre are open to anybody and are free of charge for NGOs and individuals. The long-term goals of The Volunteer Centre are:

Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány / Volunteer Centre Foundation
1123 Budapest
Kékgolyó utca 20. I.em 4/a
Tel: +36-1-225-0710
Fax: +36-1-225-0711
E-mail: onkenteskozpont@onkentes.hu
Web site: http://www.onkentes.hu

Nonprofit Information and Training Centre Foundation (NIOK)
1024 Budapest
Margit krt. 43-45. IV/3
Tel.: +36 (1) 315-3151
E-mail: contact@niok.hu
Web site: http://www.niok.hu

Hungarian Malteser Charity Service
Szarvas Gábor u. 58-60
1125 Budapest
Tel.: +36 3914 700, +36 3914-704
Fax: +36 3914 728
E-mail: mmszok@maltai.hu
Web site: http://www.maltai.hu

Motiváció - Foundation for Helping Disabled People
Henszlmann I. u. 9
H-1053 Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 3174417
Fax: +36 1 3174417
E-mail: motiv@mail.tvnet.hu
Web site: http://www.motivacio.hu

Other organisations

Cultural Institute of the Republic of Hungary
Palisády 54
81106 Bratislava
Tel.: 00 421 7 52 44 29 61
Fax: 00 421 7 352 960
E-mail: kimrpozs@mkm.x400 gw.itb.hu
Web site: http://www.hunginst.sk

Hungarian Union of Society
Balazs Bela Utca 17
H - 1094 - Budapest
Tel.: + 36 1 215 38 32
Fax: + 36 1 215 45 11

Ifjúság 2000
E-mail: ifjweb@ifjusag2000.hu
Web site: http://www.ifjusag2000.hu

Magyar Vöröskereszt
The Hungarian Red Cross
Tel.: 1/374-13-36; 30/606-19-66
Fax: 1/374-13-12
E-mail: info@hrc.hu
Web site: http://www.voroskereszt.hu

The Hospital Volunteer Helping Service
Szent Margit Kórház
Bécsi út 132. C épület Fszt.32
1032 Budapest
Tel.: +36 250 2420 / 357
Fax: +36 212 1101
E-mail: info@korhazionkentes.hu
Web site: http://www.korhazionkentes.hu

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