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Italy - Année européenne du bénévolat 2011

In Italy, the term ‘volunteerism’ refers to all types of activities, whether formal or informal, full-time or part-time, at home or abroad. It is undertaken out of a person's own free-will, choice and motivation, and is without concern for financial gain. It benefits the individual volunteer, communities and society as a whole. It is also a vehicle for individuals and associations to address human, social or environmental needs and concerns.

Learn more, see the report of the European Commission about volunteering in Italy

Fondazione Italiana per il Volontariato, FIVOL

The Fondazione Italiana per il Volontariato (FIVOL) was founded in 1991. FIVOL works mainly in the fields of research and training, developing the culture of solidarity. In 2001, together with the Abele Group, it suggested a document of merit for volunteerism, which was adopted by most volunteerism organisations and more recently also by many local councils. FIVOL studies the phenomenon of volunteerism and documents its evolution using a data bank which contains more than 13,000 organisations. Every year, it develops research into specific topics regarding volunteerism and the problems it is devoted to. Besides this it has an archive for the use of researchers. FIVOL is also involved in an intense activity of training, addressed to workers of the field and especially to their trainers, as well as operatives in the public sector who often find themselves working with volunteers. It publishes manuals, cds, various training material and is involved in interesting works in schools, spreading the concept of civil commitment and solidarity among students and giving support to their teachers. It publishes a monthly magazine, the Rivista del Volontariato (Volunteerism Magazine). At an international level, it keeps contact with the most important European and Mediterranean centres, as well as those in the rest of the world.

Fondazione Italiana per il Volontariato, FIVOL
Via Nazionale 39
IT-00184 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 47 48 11
Fax: +39 06 48 14 617
E-mail: informazioni@fivol.it
Web site: http://www.fivol.it

Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato, CNV
(Centre National pour le Volontariat)

This is a non-governative organisation (Ngo) involved in the setting up of multicultural societies founded on the full integration of immigrants. It was born in 1983, thanks to the initiative of a group of teachers and workers in the field of cooperation in order to reduce the great difference between the North and the South of the world. In these years, they have been involved in different fields to spread knowledge in immigrants' native countries and to favour their integration in Italy working in schools, collaborating with institutions and local bodies, organising exhibitions, debates, reviews on public awareness of development issues and setting up training courses for foreigners.
As in other European countries, CIES has set up special agreements with institutions and local bodies forming 500 people speaking 50 different languages

Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato
Via A. Catalani, 158
55100 Lucca C.P. 2002
Tel.: +39 583.419500
Fax : +39 583.419501
E-mail: cnv@centrovolontariato.it
Web site: http://www.centrovolontariato.it

FOCSIV, Volontari nel mondo
(Volontaires dans le monde)

FOCSIV is a federation of 56 Christian NGO involved in the promotion of the globality culture and in the cooperation with Developing Countries. In the last 30 years, 14.000 Italian volunteers have operated with the federation for two or more years' developing projects.
At the moment, it is present with 532 volunteers in 77 countries with 402 projects.
FOCSIV - thanks to the work of experts and the collaboration of its volunteers - develops a function of institutional representation in the Italian Government and Parliament, European Union and United Nation, in a close link with worldwide networks of similar organisations being a connection among the associated Ngo.

FOCSIV Volontari nel mondo
Via San Francesco di Sales 18
00165 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 6877867
Fax: +39 06 6872373
E-mail: fosciv@fosciv.it
Web site: http://www.focsiv.it

Osservatorio nazionale per il volontariato
dr.ssa Sabina Polidori
Tel. +39 06 3675 4478
Fax: +39 06 3675 4353
E-mail: spolidori@welfare.gov.it
Web site: http://www.welfare.gov.it

Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, VIS
(Volontariat International pour le Développement)

VIS is an NGO promoted by the "Centro Nazionale Opere Salesian" (National Centre for Salesian Activities). On the national territory, it co-ordinates the typical activities of this sector, through a central office and 8 regional committees. In Italy, it carries out activities for development issues and development education with actions in schools, study weeks, training courses for teachers and educators, but, above all, through its website and its on-line courses concerning international cooperation. Around the world, it promotes human development projects with volunteers taking care about selection, training and assistance for a service of two or more years. Projects are developed in collaboration with Salesians present in schools and in vocational training centres in 130 countries. The educational purposes follow Don Bosco's system: development with education and service to the human being and to solidarity in a perspective of faith.

Volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo
Via Appia Antica 126
00179 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 51 62 91
Fax : +39 06 51629299
E-mail: vis@volint.it
Web site: http://www.volint.it

Other organisations

Associazione Amici di CINI
V. Villa 12
37125 Verona
Tel.: +39 045 8301918

Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI)
Piazza Pasquale Paoli 18
00186 Roma
Tel. : +39 06 681661
Fax : +39 06 68166236
E-mail: Infoscout@agesci.it
Web site: http://www.agesci.org

Associazione nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS)
Via baracca 209
50127 Firenze
Tel.: +39 0553 03821
E-mail: segreteria@anpas.org
Web site: http://www.anpas.org

Associazione per l'autogestione dei servizi e la solidarietà (AUSER)
Via Nizza 154
00198 Roma
Tel. : +39 06 8440771
Fax : +39 06 84407777
E-mail: nazionale@auser.it
Web Site: http://www.auser.it

Associazione Volontari Dokita
Via della Luce, 46
00153 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 58330755
Fax: +39 06 5882897
E-mail: dokita@edl.it

Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo
Via Dante, 2/68
16121 Genova
Tel./Fax: +39 010 5704843
E-mail: info@ccsit.org
Web site: http://www.ccsit.org

Centro informazione educazione allo sviluppo (CIES)
Via Merulana 198
00185 Roma
Tel. +39 06 77264611
E-mail: cies@cies.it
Web site: http://www.cies.it

Centro Servizi per il volontariato
E-mail : info@cesv.org
Web site : http://www.cesv.org

Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI)
Via della Conciliazione 1
00193 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 68404550
Fax: +39 06 68802940
E-mail: csi@csi-net.it
Web site: http://www.csi-net.it

CIPSI -solidarietà e cooperazione
via F.Baldelli, 41
00146 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 5414894
Fax : +39 06 59600533
E-mail: cipsiroma@cipsi.it
Web site: http://www.cipsi.it

Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni non governative per la Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo

Vicolo Scavolino 61
00177 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 69924112
Fax : +39 06 69924399
E-mail: cocis.roma@iol.it

Via Cavour, 238
00184 Roma
Tel. +39 06 4746148
President Don Luigi Pastrello
E-mail: info@fondazionedonorione.it
Web site: http://www.fondazionedonorione.org

Federazione Italiana per l'Educazione Continua (FIPEC)
Via del Corso 101
00186 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 692043312
Fax : +39 06 69923286
E-mail: presidenza@upter.it
Web site: http://www.fipec.it

G.A.V.C.I. - Gruppo Autonomo di Volontariato Civile in Italia
c/o Villa Tamba - Via della Selva Pescarola 26
40131 Bologna
Tel./Fax +39 051 6344671
E-mail: gavci@iperbole.bologna.it
Web site: http://ospiti.peacelink.it/gavci

Gruppo Abele
Via Giolitti 21
10123 Torino
Tel. : +39 011 8142711
Fax : +39 011 8395577
E-mail: segreteria@gruppoabele.org
Web site: http://www.gruppoabele.org

La Gabbianella
Via Cesare Balbo, 4
00184 Roma
Tel./Fax: +39 06 483381
E-mail: la.gabbianella@tiscali.it
Web site: http://www.lagabbianella.it

Seniores Italia Partner per lo sviluppo
Via Nazionale 39
00184 Roma
Tel.: +39 06 4819540-1
E-mail: seniores@tin.it
Web site: http://www.senioresitalia.it

Terra Nuova
Via Urbana, 156
00184 ROMA
Tel.: +39 06 485534
Fax: +39 06 4747599
E-mail: tnuova@cambio.it

Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (UISP)
Largo N. Franchelucci 73
00155 Roma
Tel. : +39 06 439841
Fax : +39 06 43984320
E-mail: uisp@uisp.it
Web site: http://www.uisp.it

Volontariato internazionale donna educazione e sviluppo (VIDES)
Via San Saba, 14
00153 Roma
Tel.: +39 065750048
Fax : +39 065750904
E-mail: videsitalia@videsitalia.it
Web site: http://www.videsitalia.it

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