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Latvia - Année européenne du bénévolat 2011

There is no legal definition of volunteering in Latvia. In the Article 3 of the draft of the Volunteering Activity Law, volunteering is definided as a “work or services delivered without remuneration ,that is undertaken on a voluntary basis for the benefit of other people or society, without entering into legal work relations. The work or service should be delivered without remuneration, for the benefit of volunteers, voluntary organisations or recipients. Any work with the aim of making a profit ,or in relation to commercial activity, is not considered as "volunteering”.

Learn more, see the report of the European Commission about volunteering in Latvia

Nevalstisko Organizaciju centrs

The Centre for Non-Governmental Organizations is an organization serving to support, protect and mobilize resources from Latvia and abroad for NGO sector, thus enhancing the Non-Governmental Organizations activities and a long-term development. The Centre for Non-Governmental Organizations promotes:

Nevalstisko Organizaciju centrs
52/54 - 22, Lacplesa Str.
Riga, LV 1011
Tel.: + 371 7283283
Fax: +371 7289227
E-mail: info@ngo.org.lv
Web site: http://www.ngo.org.lv

Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe, Latvia
Volguntes iela 33-4
LV-1041 RIGA
Telephone: +371.731 69 63
E-mail: ievacdf@parks.lv
Web site: http://www.cooperatingnetherlandsfoundations.nl

Other organisations

Volunteer centre of Latvia
E-mail: oskarsc@spic.lv
Web site: http://www.brivpratigie.lv

Centre pour le volontariat, il offre des formations et un service de consultation, son but est d'encourager le développement du bénévolat et du volontariat en Lettonie.
Volunteer Centre
Mukusalas street 33 - 4
Riga, LV - 1004
Tel. +371 7611444
E-mail: bcentrs@hotmail.com

Sur le site du Conseil national de la jeunesse sont proposés des programmes d'échanges de jeunes volontaires.
National Youth Council of Latvia
Kalpaka bulv. 10-18, Riga LV-1050
Tel. : +371 7221402
Fax : +371 7221402
E-mail : maris.resnis@ljp.lv
Web site: http://www.ljp.lv

Latvian Professional Social Workers Association
Ed.Smilga street 46
Riga, LV - 1002
Tel.:+371 7012260
Fax: +371 7012341
E-mail: soc@apollo.lv

Society Integration Foundation
Lacplesa street 27
Riga, LV - 1011
Tel./Fax : +371 7281752
E-mail: info@lsif.lv

The Soros Foundation Latvia
Alberta street 13
Riga LV - 1010
Tel.: +371 7039241
Fax : 7039242
E-mail: sfl@sfl.lv

Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia
Maza pils street 1
Riga, LV - 1050
Tel.: +371 7226536
Fax: +371 7212241
E-mail: lps@lps.lv

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