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Tremplin Migrant (e)s


The Tremplin Migrant(e)s project aimed at encouraging volunteering among migrants as a means of social and professional integration. Its aim was to change the perspectives: migrants were no more considered as "publics" but as main "actors" in the associations.


The Tremplin Migrant(e)s project informed a broad audience of associations, cities, networks of migrants, on the key issue of volunteering as a means to struggle against discriminations in society and in particylar as far as female migrants are concerned

The project followed 4 steps:

  1. Phase 1 : identifying target groups and stakeholders in Paris, Seine Saint Denis , Essonne, Seine et Marne
  2. Phase 2 : organising seminars with stakeholders
  3. Phase 3: building a  portfolio
  4. Phase 4 : experimenting the portfolio among target groups
  5. Phase 4: a national steering committee holding 3 times with the partners and stakeholders

Project outcomes

seminars among target groups and stakeholders
minutes of the seminars
a portfolio
a weblog to present the results and portfolio


JUly 2010- July 2011


Femmes égalité

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