2020- Decade of Diversity

The last issue of our Newsletter on Diversity was published on the 11th of November 2020 ; focused on diversity in the Mediteranean Sea. All issues of the Newsletter are availbale on https://www.club-iriv.net/infolettres & https://www.iriv-publications.net/types/autres/5

Next issue of our electronic review les rives de l'iriv is published on the 5th of December 2020 and is dedicated to travel. All issues of our electronic review are available on  www.benevolat.net.

Our institute has wished to be associated to the many initiatives of solidarity, both on a national and international level, meant to face a most stressing health crisis -the Covid-19 pandemic - and to be prepared to the expected social and economic crisis in Europe and Worldwide. In this spirit, we have published a weekly newsletter from the 25th of March till the 10th of June in order to suggest a selection of articles and initiatives to enhance lifelonglearning and information together with a critical thinking most necessary in troubled times. The last issue was published the 10th of June 2020 and is available on Infolettre Solidarité Covid-19-numero 12. All the 12 issues of the newsletter are available on - https://www.club-iriv.net/infolettres

For further information on our publications :  www.iriv-publications.net

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Actions of iriv - Club of iriv at the Cité des Métiers & Volunteering for youngsters

In 2020, iriv's team has conducted its actions among migrants & professionals supporting them at the Cité des Métiers of Paris. The action of iriv among youngsters & their teachers in Massy is also going on.

For further information on iriv's actions : http://www.club-iriv.net

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Lectures & presentations by iriv in 2020

The iriv & its president attend conferences, deliver lectures, participate to European seminars or trainings.

The president of iriv is a member of the scientific committees of the Swiss Foundation ECAP and of the Commitee for associations of the Order of French expert accountants (OEC).

For further information on the presentations & communications made by iriv & iriv conseil : http://www.iriv.net/interventions

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Projects for Youngsters- GRIT (2018-2021) & CLASS (2019-2021)

iriv conseil is involved in two Erasmus + projects for youngsters: the GRIT (2018-2021) & the CLASS (2019-2021).

For further information on both projects: https://grit-france.blogspot.com/ &   https://class-erasmus.blogspot.com/

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Projects on Diversity- DiverPass (2019-2021) & Prove (2019-2021) & ESPar (2018-2020)

iriv conseil is associated to several projects tackling the issue of diversity: DiverPass (2019-2021) & Prove (2019-2021). In complement, the ESPar, initiated by the  Catholic University in Milano (Italy) is supported by the European Fund for Integration (FAMI)- it gathers Italian associations and European experts coming from France (iriv), Germany (Tür an Tür), and Spain (National Commission for Refugees).

For further information : https://diverpass.blogspot.com/

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