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Training programme

Four types of programme are offered by the iriv :

  1. - 6 modules proposed
  2. Di&Di- Enhancing diversity by truggling against discrimination (since 2015)

    a training programme in 5 sessions for young graduate and low qualified female migrants - 5 modules proposed
  3. Migratio- Encouraging social & professional integration (since 2014)

    a training programme to support migrants on the labour market - experimented in France in the framework of the monthly workshops at the Cité des Métiers) - 4 modules proposed
  4. MigrActrice for Employment since 2013

    a training programme to support female migrants on the labour market (expérimenté en France) - 4 modules proposed
  5. Migrapass- Supporting migrants on the labour market (since 2012)

    Training for migrants and professionals (experimented in France, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain and United Kingdom). - 5 modules proposed
  6. Training programme for cultural mediators (since 2009)

    E-learning programme in France land Europe for cultural mediators - experimented in France and in Europe through the project TIPS - 18 modules proposed
  7. Tutor- Training programme for managing volunteering (since 2006)

    Training proposing 12 modules for French speaking trainees (expérimenté en France et en Belgique) - 12 modules proposed
  8. Valuing a voluntary experience (since 2006)

    a training programme for paid staff, youngsters and women (experimented in France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and United Kingdom) - 3 modules proposed
  9. Schola- Training volunteers for school mentoring (since 2003)

    training for volunteers involved in school mentoring (experimented in France) - 3 modules proposed
  10. Encouraging and Facilitating work with volunteers (since 2001)

    European programme for professionals working with volunteers experimented in Germany, Austria and France) - 11 modules proposed
  11. Training volunteers and executive managers in associations(since 2000)

    National training programme on Volunteering (experimented in France) - 17 modules proposed

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