Here are a press release on iriv's works and publications.

Media in 2020 - Decade of Diversity

Archives ouvertes de l'Université Paris I - mai 2020

Access to the thesis defended by the président of iriv in January 1996 dedicated to Economics of sport on the Open online Archives of the University Paris I- Panhtéon Sorbonne

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HAll du livre - mai 2020

Presentation of a book published in 2006 by the president of iriv on the website of a bookstore in Nancy (Lorraine, France)

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Librairie Al Kitab - Mai 2020

Presentation of the Guide published by the president of iriv on the website of a bookstore in Tunisia

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Alphonse Carlier Loyal Hackers - mai 2020

Presentation of the publications by the president of iriv on a Belgian website of books

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EAPRIL Conference 2019 -Proceedings - avril 2020

Publicaiton of an article written by the president of iriv in collaboration with a colleague from the University of Perugia in the framework of the EducOpera project (pages 373-385)

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IDREF - avril 2020

Presentation of the books published by the president of iriv on the website of the Referentials of Higher Education & Research

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Research gate - mars 2020

Articles written by the president of iriv available on the scientific platform -

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Worldcat - mars 2020

Publications by the president of iriv updated on the  OCLC Research platforme- a community resource for the research-driven advancement of libraries and archives, which provides advanced development and consultation for the teams that create and maintain OCLC’s products, and enhances OCLC's member and partner engagement to mobilize the community around shared concerns

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