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Key tutor- training tutors for key competences

Social economy gathers diverse profiles of professionals working in associations, foundations, mutual insurance companies and cooperatives.  As far as associations are concerned, 2 million professionals work with 16 million volunteers in France in 2015. Their professional career usually combines voluntary and paid work. More than 40% are qualified workers (at least BAC +2 according to a study published in 2015) but other professionals may have passed professional diploma or qualification (such as the BAFA or BAFD).


Professionals are mainly social workers but also social pedagogues (in the sense of Social pedagogy,). Whatever their educative and/or professional background, they are not trained to support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities – a relevant social and educative support is needed.


The Key Tutors project addresses the following priorities : To promote the development, testing and implementation of innovation practices in the field of education, training and youth ; To facilitate the recognition, and validation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning ; To support learners with special needs (disadvantaged backgrounds) to complete education cycles and facilitate their transition into the labour market.  The Key Tutors project addresses two publics: direct public: Professionals working with these leaners in associations , local authorities and Small and Medium Entreprises (SME) and indirect public: learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities.

Project outcomes

  1. Designing an education guidance to support professional working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities;  
  2. Designing a tool and method to identify and assess the competences of learners workers with special status in their transition on the labour market ;


September 2015-  August 2017


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