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Valuing Voluntary Experiences in associations in Brittany

The Regional Direction for Youth and Sports (DRDJS) in Brittany took the initiative with the Departmental Delegations for Associative Life in Ille et Vilaine, Côtes d'Armor , Morbihan and Finistère, to work with iriv on a pilot project to propose a tool for volunteers to value their voluntary experiences, first in a personal perspcetive but also in professional or training perspectives.The booklet is available towards the DRDJS.


The main goal of the tool is to allow the volunteers to keep in mind their voluntary work, to be aware of the value of their voluntary work and to have a written proof of it.


a personal statement ;
a tool for setting the tasks and skills developed ;
a preparation for an official process of "assessing of competences"

Brittany : Ille et Vilaine (35), Côte d'Armor (22), Finistère (29), Morbihan (56)


Mai -Septembre 2004 : first proposal of a tool
Octobre-Novembre 2004 : meetings with the associations and experimenation
December 2004 : adoption of the tool
January-March 2005 : valorisation of the tool and dissemination


Delegation for AssociativeLife in Ille et Vilaine
Mrs Martine Groheux
Déléguée à la Vie associative
Mèl : martine.groheux@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr   Delegation for AssociativeLife in Côtes d'Armor
Mrs Isabelle David-Igel
Déléguée à la Vie associative
Mèl : francoise.trevien@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr

Delegation for AssociativeLife in Finistère
Mr Robert Denis
Délégué à la Vie associative

Mèl : robert.denis@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr

Delegation for AssociativeLife in Morbihan
Mr Christina Le Moigne
Délégué à la Vie associative

Mèl :christian.le-moigne@jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr

Regional Direction for Youth and Sports
Mrs Martine Groheux
4 avenue du Bois Labbé
CS 94323
35043 Rennes cedex
tél : 02 23 48 24 34
fax : 02 23 48 24 01
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