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A portfolio to assess a voluntary experience

Network of experiences and resources center for students,  Animafac offers tools and places to discuss for students in  12 000 students associations (http://www.animafac.net/)


Animafac asked iriv to build a portfolio to assess the voluntary experience acquired by students.


Students associations are the place to acquire competences and to enhance training & education in complement to the academic cursus. The assets given to students are still unknown.  Students themselves fail to value this experience. Firms are not informed at all of the potentiel given by a voluntary experience.

 Animafac launched the program  "Volunteering and implementation of projects : assets for professional integration ". Its ambition is to allow a better recognition of the voluntary experience acquired by students among associations and to support them on the labour market. The main goal is to identify and value together with students the competences they have acquired thanks to an associative experience in order to express their experience in terms of competence in a CV, a letter of motivation or for an interview.

Firms will be kept informed of the many opportunities given to students who have been volunteers in associations in terms of competences.


The main objective was to build a tool (a protfolio developed by iriv) and to offer a support for students in order to enhance their professional integration

Project outcomes

a portfolio (Animafac & iriv)
a support (Animafac & HR professionals)
a national steering committee meeting on a regulary basis


June to December  2009 : developing a portfolio

January to December  2010 : experimentation of the  portfolio


Animafac with the support of Ministère du travail, de l'Emploi et de la Santé ; de la Délégation générale à l'emploi et à la formation professionnelle ; de l'ACSE et du Ministère de l'Education nationale, de la Jeunesse et de la Vie associative

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