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Prospective study for a training programme for volunteers in Seine-Maritime (Haute-Normandie)

The Departemental Direction for Youth and Sports in Seine Maritime (Haute Normandie) wondered wether the demand for training expressed by volunteers was strong and the offer for such a training appropriate to the needs.


Le prospective study offered was implemented in 3 steps :

1. Profile of the volunteers and their needs concerning training : a questionnaire dispatched via the Information for Youth Network and the Direction for Youth and Sports in the Departement ;
2. An overview on the associtive life in the Departement : presentation of the main structures, creations of associations rates , main events concerning associative life…
3. Profile of the trainers: a questionnaire dispateched through the Regional Committee for Youth associations, Departemental Committee for Olympics and Sport plus regional bodies gathering associations.



Monography on the volunteers and the associative sector in the Departement ;
Analysis of the training offer : programmes proposed , public targeted and trainers ;
Training programme : volunteers profile, needs expressed by volunteers and associations, existing organisations
Departemental : Seine Maritime (76)

Project outcomes

Analysis of the offer and demand expressed by volunteers concerning training issues to propose an appropriate training course.


April-May 2000: Dispatchning of the questionnaires , contacts, data collection
June-July-Agust 2000 : Analysis of the questionnaires and first draft
September-october 2000 : Synthesis of the data collected and proposals
November 2000: final draft after corrections.


Study implemented for the Direction départementale de la Jeunesse et des Sports de Seine-Maritime

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