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Training, Volunteering and Education

  1. A portfolio to assess a voluntary experience (2009 - 2010)

    initiated by Animafac with the iriv for the conception of the portfolio

  2. Vision 21 : Volunteerism and Social Services in the 21st century (2004 - 2006) - Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig

    initiated by IRSS (Poland) in the framework of the Lifelong Learning (LLL) programme, in 4 countries (France, Italy, Poland and Spain), this European project Grundtvig on volunteering as a means of social, cultural and professional integration and of empowerment and development of the civil society., . http://www.vision21.neostrada.pl/

  3. Evaluation of a volunteers network (2001) - projet associatif

    initiated by the French association Ecoliers du Monde/Aide et Action. Evaluation of a volunteers' network and the internal service dedicated to volunteers in a French NGO defending the Education rights in less developped countries.

  4. Prospective study for the creation of a National Center for executive managers in the non profit sector in the French Region (2000 - 2001)

    Initiated vy the Regional Direction for Youth and Sports in Region Centre. Analysis of the needs for training of executive managers, volunteer and paid staff, in the non profit sector and the missions to fulfil by a national training body.

  5. Prospective study for a training programme for volunteers in Seine-Maritime (Haute-Normandie) (2000)

    initiated by the Departemental Direction for Youth and Sports in Seine Maritime - Analysis of the offer and demand for training expressed by volunteers to propose an appropriate training course. épartement pour proposer un programme de formation adéquat .

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