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Bénévolat et volontariat en France et dans le monde

The funding study of iriv, puiblished in 1997, offered a state of the art on Volunteering : its economic, soical and political aspects. This new publication, updated, focused on the theoretical backgound of the analysis on volunteering , its issues for economy and society , its evolution and future with regards with public authorities and private stakeholders. 


The studies developed the following points

1) Volunteers: definition, framework, status
2) Evolution and many issues raised by volunteering : overview in France and abroad, gft and debt, five monographies on volunteers in sport, in social services, inn health, in education, in international solidarity), volunteering among juniors and seniors
3) Aknowledgment and promotion of volunteerring, public and private logics, issues for the future (recruitment, trainingn, VPL)



1) quantitative analysis : updated data on volunteers and volunteering
2)  qualitative analysis : theoretical background
3) synthesis of public and private stakeholders facilitating volunteering
4) Publics: volunteers ; associations & NGOs ; public stakeholders (national, regional and local levels); firms throung fondations or sponsorship


Situation and analysis of the phenomenom in France and in  Europe on the basis of statistiques of the population, theories  and projects implemented in the voluntary area

Project outcomes

Study published in the Collection "les Etudes" of the French Editor la Documentation française. For further information, Bénévolat en France et dans le Monde.


La Documentation française

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