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Youngsters and associations

Associations dealing with youngsters have faced specific problems since a couple of years (recruitment, social recognition, implication in the political field...). In this context, it is important to study how youngsters are involved in the associations, to analyse public support for theses structures on the national and European levels.


Answer the question "which structures and organisations are dealing with youngsters in France ?".


1) quantitative approach: data on youngsters and associations ;
2) qualitative approach : spécificity, problems and main goals for associations dealing with youngsters ;
3) synthesis of public and private support for the assocaitions focussing on youngsters
4) publics concerned by the study : youngsters from 16 to 30 years old; associations for youngsters ; public authorities responsible for youngsters ; charities focussed on youngsters.


1) youngsters involvement in associations and non profit structures ;
2) specificity of associations dealing with youngsters ;
3) relations between associations for youngsters , public support (national and European) and private concern (through charities).

Project outcomes

A handbook was published in 2004 on youth and youngsters: Galaxie jeunesseby INJEP.


The Institute for Youth and Educationis the main editor and publisher. Under the aegis of the Ministry for Youht and Sports, this public institution is meant to intervene in the field of Youth and Associative life. Training, access to new technologies, research, documentation, publications, European and International services for youngsters and people working with youngsters.

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