Here are a press release on iriv's works and publications.

Media in 2022 - French presidency of the European Union

Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé - avril 2022

Selection of an article published by the president of the iriv on the social responsibility of the enterprise on the basis of the "mécenat of competences" for the public selection as advisors of popular education and youth (CEPJ)- year 2020 - Specialty: Economics and legal sciences, associative practices and cooperatives

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Ministère de l'Intérieur - avril 2022

The president of iriv was interviewed and mentionned as a qualified person for a report of the General Inspectorate of Administration and Social Affairs for  on the training of local councillors; on this occasion she had explained the results achieved by a European  project dedicated to the Valuing of learning acuqired by local councillors (Valorisation les acquis des élus locaux - VAEL), initiated by the National Institute for Local Development with the iriv  (2008-2010)

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Université de Lille - Bibliothèque - avril 2022

Presentation of the publication of the president of iriv published at De Boeck editions "Managing Volunteering", Brussels,2006 on the website of the library of the University of Lille.

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Rennes school of Business - avril 2022

Presentation of the publication of the president of iriv published at the Documentation Française , "Volunteering in France and worldwide", Paris, 2003 on the website of a French business school located in Rennes (Brittany, France)

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Isotis archives - avril 2022

First publication of the ISOTIS research project, in February 2017, of which the president of the iriv was co-author with Dutch colleagues from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), leader of the project on the role of professionals in an educational strategy promoting diversity and inclusion

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Sport et Citoyenneté - avril 2022

Presentation of the president of iriv , member of the Scientific committee since 2007, contributor to the website (articles) since 2016 in the issue 80 of the Newsletter of the European Think Tank Sport and Citizenship, published the 11th of April 2022.

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Sport et Citoyenneté - mars 2022

a publication by the President of the Iriv for the European Think Tank , Sport and Citizenship, of which she has been a member of the scientific committee since 2007. She has contributed by articles since 2016. On the occasion of the opening of the Paralympic Games and after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the games are over - Moscow has lost faced to Kiev. Ukrainians win with panache for sportsmanship, courage and the defence of the fundamental values of sport, and democracy. The Russians have lost- vae victis.

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Sport et Citoyenneté - Fevrier 2022

The president of iriv, member of the Scientific committee of the European Think Tank "Sport & Citizenship" since its creation in 2007, has more actively contributed since 2016 by publiwhing articles ; the last ppublished article tackles the issue of geopolitics in sport on the occasion of the Olympic Games 2022 held in Pekin- morituri te salutant.

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SALAM- Newsletter janvier 2022 - janvier 2022

The president of the iriv wrote an article for the monthly newsletter of the association SALAM, a humanitarian association that intervenes in Calaisis and Dunkerquois among the exiles to distribute meals, tents, and also provide them with an administrative support; it also testifies among public authorities and the media on the observed violations of the fundamental rights of the exiles and to militate for a decent and human policy of reception, respectful of republican values.

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Urb'Art - janvier 2022

The president of the iriv contributed (reviewing of the first publication) to an Austrian project, supported financially by the Erasmus programme, dedicated to urban art- Urb'Art. This original project is a response to the COVID-19 crisis, which has hindered cross-cultural exchanges and affected the creative education sector. It has implemented innovative formats for education (digital), communication, participation and dissemination. Its aim is to support low-skilled adults in marginalized communities through urban arts education activities and concepts. The goal of the project is the social inclusion and empowerment of these target groups through scientific studies and technical literature on the potentials of urban arts education, an awareness of the key actors involved in adult education - social workers, professionals in the arts and culture sector, independent educators and artists, as well as decision-makers and decision-makers.

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Superdiversité - janvier 2022

This portal is dedicated to diversity in the spirit defined by the American researcher Steven Vertovec and his approach of  "superdiversity (Ethnic and Racial Studies, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, 2007). Diversity is the frontside, the “luminous” side of discrimination which is its backside, its dark side. Managing diversity is a way to fight against discrimination; both issues must be tackled at the same time.

The "superdiversity" portal is addressing leaders and decision-makers to support them in managing diversity and combating discrimination.

It suggests: a newsletter published since 2018 - available in French, English and Arabic ; a selection of notions,  tackling all facets of diversity (gender, ethnic origin, religion, identity or sexual orientation, etc.) and situations of discrimination ;  topics & thematics provide a better understanding of the content of diversity and the public policies & strategies implemented ; modules suggested by the training is intended to support a fair management of diversity and in particular to build strategies to fight discrimination to promote real equal opportunity ; and resources are meant to illustrate the training - educational resources, video resources or weblogs (developed within the framework of projects on diversity - accessible on

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