Here are a press release on iriv's works and publications.

Media in 2021 - European Year of Rail

Sport et Citoyenneté - mars 2021

The president of iriv published an article for the sports think tank entitled "Against online hatred and violence in sport - Just do it" to denounce the violence in sport maintained by social networks and the digitalization of conflicts . She has been a member of the scientific committee since 2007 of Sport & Citizenship and occasionally participates in the work of this original and innovative Think tank through articles.


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Emission "Alors, on pense"- France Info - janvier 2021

Participation of the president of iriv at the TV broadcast on the public channel France Info "Alors on pense" led by the journalist Patrice Romedenne dedicated to "Volunteering - is hapiness in involvement?", Thursday  7th of January  2021 with the participations of  Sophie Péters van Deinse psychologist Stephanie Andrieux founding president of Benenova matching volunteers and association and Pascal Martin, founding president of an association supporting  education in  Cambodia.

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